Welcome to Social Market-Making!

Welcome to Social Market-Making!

We all want to ride the market and make money. Our belief is that the best way to do this is to do it together. All our communication chats are on discord, follow the button to join our server.

Who are we?

InProfit is the first of its kind to highly organized collective trading of selective crypto assets. The community brought together analysts, market makers and developers from different countries who share their knowledge with the community. By getting information from the people that is involved into the project you are able to get directed and clear recommendations for better possibility for profit.

How it works?

We choose a promising crypto asset based on the proposed conditions for MM (Market-Making) and the capabilities of our community, designate goals and move towards them together. The effectiveness of this form of interaction is determined primarily by the responsible attitude of everyone towards the fulfillment of the tasks assigned to him.

Crypto asset selection principle

Our market makers have huge experience and authority in the crypto world. We have enough projects under management and a huge number of applications (from coins with scanty capital to large exchanges).

Assets are selected on the basis of preferences and our own capabilities, the possibility to gain profit for each member of the inProfit community is given priority.

We work ONLY with projects where:

  • There is direct contact with management
  • Our team is invited as an MM
  • Allocated budget for Market-Making
  • Information support and PR

We are NOT INTERESTED to discuss:

  • Market-Making outright scam
  • Organizations exit-pumps
  • Trust management of borrowed funds

Мы уже отобрали и развиваем несколько проектов


Most likely you know what PUMP-groups are, and understand how this scam works. The organizers quietly buy some forgotten altcoin then arrange sales while warming up the crowd with promises of HUGE profit and declare the pair in public to make an initial impulse. Naturally, only the organizers of such schemes earn. The InProfit project has nothing to do with pump groups and we believe that such manipulations are harmful to the market.

The ideology of InProfit

The market situation is constantly changing and making money on cryptocurrency trading is becoming more difficult not only for beginners, but also experienced traders. Activity in the volatile marked are decreasing while many have not recovered from the prolonged cryptozyme, and some are stuck with hopeless bagholds of alts. Attempts to control and regulate only complicate the situation.

Market makers are interested in developing trading and cryptocurrencies while keeping a healthy marked. SoMM (Social Market-Making) is one of the new options for interaction between projects and the market strategy used by the InProfit community.

Having united in a multilingual community of several thousand active traders we are able to create the necessary information background. Which in conjunction with media support, moves individual projects, regardless of market sentiment.

Who are we looking for?

If you consider trading as a tool for permanent income and want to seriously evolve yourself while being active in a community, you have come to the right place. We are ready to share our experience and information with active, disciplined people who understand that earnings directly depend on their work. If you are just looking to be passive and not lay in the hours, this will not work for you. For active actions participants will be encouraged, and for people who are passive will be removed from the community. We only want the serious traders in this community!